List the plot identifiers of all the plots in a given multiqc report




The file path to the multiqc report. This should be a length 1 character vector


A data frame containing \(n\) rows, where \(n\) is the number of plots in the report you have provided, and two columns:


The identifier for the plot. This is the one you should use as a name in plot_opts.


The plot title. This is likely what you see in the multiqc report when you open it with your browser.


The main use for this function is finding the plot identifiers that you will then pass into the plots argument of the load_multiqc() function. Refer to the section on "Extracting Plot Data" in the main vignette for more information.


# Ignore this, choose your own filepath as the `filepath` variable
filepath <- system.file("extdata", "HG00096/multiqc_data.json", package = "TidyMultiqc")
# This is the actual invocation
#> # A tibble: 6 × 2
#>   id                                      title                              
#>   <chr>                                   <chr>                              
#> 1 fastqc_sequence_counts_plot             FastQC: Sequence Counts            
#> 2 fastqc_per_base_sequence_quality_plot   FastQC: Mean Quality Scores        
#> 3 fastqc_per_sequence_quality_scores_plot FastQC: Per Sequence Quality Scores
#> 4 fastqc_per_sequence_gc_content_plot     FastQC: Per Sequence GC Content    
#> 5 fastqc_per_base_n_content_plot          FastQC: Per Base N Content         
#> 6 fastqc_sequence_duplication_levels_plot FastQC: Sequence Duplication Levels